Потрібно протипожежне обладнання? Ви звернулися за адресою!
Асоціація виробників протипожежного обладнання


Services provided: You can purchase fire extinguishers, fire hoses, or any other means of primary fire extinguishing from us. The obvious advantages of your choice are the opportunity to obtain a quality and verified product at the most favorable prices at any time of the year! :)

If you need technical consultation, please contact our technical support consultation department at:

0 (800) 331-011

Also, our company offers services for the technical maintenance of fire hoses and fire extinguishers. Within the framework of the technical maintenance of fire extinguishers, the following is carried out:

checking the external appearance of the fire extinguisher, weighing (checking the amount of carbon dioxide or powder), checking the pressure using a pressure gauge (for powder fire extinguishers), replacing the seal and applying a sticker about the performance of technical maintenance.

In case additional services are required for fire extinguishers (powder replacement, igniter replacement, carbon dioxide, etc.), the cost of additional services is added to the total amount.

You can familiarize yourself with the prices on our website on the "Fire extinguisher recharge" page, and for more detailed information, please contact our specialists at:

0 (800) 331-011

(Free calls from all mobile and landline operators in Ukraine)