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Забороняється робота (присутність) людей із стимуляторами серцевої діяльності

Забороняється робота (присутність) людей із стимуляторами серцевої діяльності

Prohibition signs Забороняється робота (присутність) людей із стимуляторами серцевої діяльності 2338..

9.96 грн.

Розтруб до порошкових вогнегасників 16 мм

Розтруб до порошкових вогнегасників 16 мм

Accessories for fire extinguishers Розтруб до порошкових вогнегасників 16 мм 1407..

23.94 грн.

Знак ПГ  (люмінесцентний металевий) 36х50

Знак ПГ (люмінесцентний металевий) 36х50

Indicative signs,Accessories for hydrants Знак ПГ (люмінесцентний металевий) 36х50 1717..

318.56 грн.

Вогнегасник автомобільний ВП-1

Вогнегасник автомобільний ВП-1

Powder fire extinguishers Вогнегасник автомобільний ВП-1 1101..

245.04 грн.

Store of fire equipment and inventory

Innovative fire extinguishing equipment

Fire Safety: Importance and Necessity

Fire is an unpredictable circumstance that can occur at any moment. Hence, every business must be equipped with modern firefighting equipment to respond immediately, start extinguishing and avoid a possible disaster.

The effectiveness of these measures depends on the quality and proper maintenance of firefighting equipment. It must meet all safety standards and be regularly inspected. It is also important that access to it is easy and not difficult.

Firefighting Equipment in Ukraine: Leadership of the Company "Association of Firefighting Equipment Manufacturers".

Fire safety equipment in Ukraine can be purchased through the company "Association of Fire Equipment Manufacturers", which is a leader in this field. Founded in 1998, it has won the trust of customers due to the high quality of its products and scientific developments.

The company "Association of Fire Equipment Manufacturers" offers a wide range of firefighting equipment for wholesale and retail customers throughout Ukraine. From fire extinguishers to fire hoses - in their assortment you will find everything you need to ensure security

Convenient Payment and fast shipping and delivery of goods

Payment and delivery of goods are carried out promptly and conveniently for customers. Orders can be placed on the fire.ua website, where a full list of products and prices is presented. Delivery to cities such as Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Poltava and others is carried out within 2-3 days.

The reliability and quality of the equipment of the Association company allow it to maintain customer loyalty for many years.